How To Join Cloudways As An Affiliate & Make Money Online?

What if I tell you that, you can start earning huge money on Cloudways affiliate program. Now you may be wondering what is an affiliate program and why they will pay you?

All your doubts and queries will be cleared in today’s article. Today we are going to see, how we can make tons of passive income just by working for 2-4 hours daily. Every successful people in the world own more than 7 income streams and they make money online while they are sleeping or enjoying quality time with their families.

When you will hear, making money while sleeping, sounds crazy right! Most of the people will take it as a joke and will laugh. But the truth it is possible for anyone to generate passive income and they can make money while they are sleeping.

Cloudways Affiliate Program
How to Join Cloudways AS An Affiliate?

The most common passive income stream is through stocks, affiliate marketings, become an influencer, starting a blog. All these are tried and test business models for generating passive income.

Today, we are going to see, how we can start earning from Cloudways affiliate program and how to join it. It will be better to first acquire all the details of Cloudways cloud hosting so we don’t find it difficult clear our mission.

Cloudways Overview

Cloudways is one of the leading managed cloud hosting provider. Cloudways provides cloud services of top 5 cloud platforms, which are Google cloud, AWS(Amazon Web Service), Vultr, DigitalOcean, and Linode.

Cloudways gives you the freedom to choose whichever cloud server you like from the top 5 best cloud services. Don’t get scared, you don’t have to directly deal with the top cloud servers as it will then become complicated for you.

So, Cloudways acts as an intermediate platform which will set you up with the services and you can start hosting your blog within a few minutes. The simple and user-friendly user interface that makes Cloudways as one of the best-managed web hosting in the world.

Robust Servers

The servers are designed with the SSD drives that are way more faster then HHD drives. However, SSD drives are a bit expensive but it is worth that price. The SSD drives improve the processing speed of the servers or computers by 10 times. You can imagine, how it will affect the speed of the server.

CloudwaysCDN Built-In System

Cloudways comes with built-in CDN system called as CloudwaysCDN. The CDN system is a Content Delivery Network which makes it possible to handle large traffic from all over the world.

The problem that occurs a normal web server is that they are not capable of handling large traffic and the accessing speed is different for every country. So it becomes hard to reach users of other countries. But through the CloudwaysCDN system it becomes possible for websites to provide blog data in the same accessing speed, doesn’t matter where the blog is getting accessed from.

Premium Quality Features & Services

Cloudways is very popular for providing the best hosting plan that is a perfect combination of high-quality services and affordable price. The hosting plan which Cloudways offers, it can’t be found on any other web hosting. The hosting plan is designed for making the blog a perfect professional website and to become capable of competing with professional websites.

Cloudways have a wide range of features that are offered in their every hosting packages. All these features cost a dime when you will try to buy from the market. The features are provided to help bloggers or business owners to manage their website more efficiently.

Some of the features that you get in the Cloudways hosting plan are-

  • Free site migration
  • Free SSL certificate(HTTPS domain)
  • Quick WordPress Installation
  • Free Breeze Plugin(WordPress Cache plugin)
  • Blog Themes
  • Auto-Healing Servers
  • Extreme Security and protections
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • ClouwaysCDN
  • Daily Backups

Now, you may be wondering. why we have to get all the information about Cloudways before proceeding to Cloudways Affiliate programs. The thing is very simple, the most successful affiliate marketer gives important advice for getting success in the market. 

The person says that, promote an affiliate product or do marketing of a product only if you believe in that product otherwise selling a product which you don’t like it just seems like a scam. To promote the only products which you are familiar and have gave you some good results. Then you can promote that product to your audience and you will see how you are getting good results.

For making a huge sales, you first have to understand the product and you should know everything about the product because people will often have the curiosity to ask queries about the product to you. And you should be able to give a good answer.

Cloudways Affiliate Program

Cloudways Affiliate

Cloudways have an affiliate program which allows anyone to join and start promoting the Clouways hosting plans. The affiliate program is the best technique of getting good sales for a company without owning a sales department.

The sales department will cost the company a dim and also It will be not good for making sales from other countries. It is bounded by geographical boundaries. But Cloudway affiliate program gives theme benefits of not owning a sales team and also do their product marketing at less cost. Also, people can easily work from home and earn good money.

Cloudways Affiliate Program Features

Cloudways affiliate program is very simple to join. You only have to visit their official website and then click on the join button. After proving all the necessary details, you will successfully become an affiliate of Cloudways.

After that, you can start promoting their products and start your passive income. The affiliate program gives a huge commission on each sale you make for them.

At the beginning of the program, you will start with a commission of 50$ and once you will start making more sales then the commission will also start increasing. Cloudways give commission in two ways –Slab and hybrid.

In the Slab plan, you will start from 50$ for each sale and then once you will reach a threshold you will get 125$ per sale. While on the Hybrid plan, you will get a commission of 30$ and 7% lifetime commission on each sale. Means you will earn 7% for a lifetime as long as your referred user is using Cloudways hosting. So it is the best offer for those who are planning to build a long term passive income.