Cloudways Review: Why It Is The Best Cloud Hosting?

Today in this article we are going to see the complete Cloudways hosting review and we will find out if it is the best web hosting for hosting a WordPress blog or website along with a whopping discount code which can be used to grab exclusive discount on the premium hosting plans.

So, let us get started with the basic understanding of the Cloudways cloud hosting then we will dive deep into Cloudways hosting.


Cloudways Hosting Review
Cloudways Hosting Review In 2020

You will never find a perfect combination of web hosting like Cloudways hosting. It is the perfect combination of a powerful web hosting service and affordable pricing. It is best suitable for beginners as well as professional bloggers that want the best web hosting solution for their WordPress website or blog.

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting service provider and it is tied up with popular cloud service giants like Goggle Cloud, Amazon Web Service, digital ocean, Linode and Vultr. Cloudways act as an intermediate layer that sets you up with the above cloud servers.

You don’t have to worry about the settings and procedures. You can easily start using the hosting service within a few minutes of set up. Cloudways will handle all the complicated things for you. You only have to focus on the website.

Exclusive Cloudways Discount Code

Normally when you sign up for Cloudways hosting, you can get a 14-Days Free Trial hosting which is OK but if you’re already satisfied with their hosting then you must check out to learn and grab cloudways discount over here which will help you get up to 20% discount for the 3-months hosting, 14-Days free trial hosting as well as a few cents in Credit which you can use to buy hosting.

Speedy Servers & Fast Page Loads

Cloudways gives a great benefit of lightning-fast servers which allow the blog to run at a faster speed and give mind-blowing page load. Your website users will no longer have to wait. The blog pages will get loaded within milliseconds and it will boost the user experience on your websites.

Cloudways Hosting Speed

The users will get back to your website for enjoying superfast services and information and you don’t have to worry about the servers. The servers are designed with the SSD drives which boost the performance up to 10 times than normal servers.


A Content Delivery Network also knows as CDN. It is a small yet powerful system that gives the power to sever for handling and managing large traffic very easily.  The server performance is boost with the CDN system and you don’t have to worry about the sever getting crash due to huge traffic.

All the traffic is being managed by CloudwaysCDN and it comes pre-installed with the Cloudways hosting plan. You only have to implement it on your blog and it will only take a few minutes to set up.

After that, your blog will have the power to reach to different countries without getting slow down. The CDN system will increase the accessing speed of the blog and it will help the blog to run faster than other websites.

Customer Support

For a great company, they must be friendly with their customers and they should provide good services to retain their clients. So whenever a user come across any problem with the server or blog then the customer support should be available for handling the situation and providing the best solution.

Cloudways have the best customer support team that is very user-friendly and they are very sufficient in handling any kind of situations you face. The support team is available for 365 days and 24 hours. 

So you don’t have to wait for getting replies from the support. You can easily connect with the support through the live chat, phone calls, emails.

Cloudways Key Features

1. SSL Certificate

Cloudways offers FREE SSL Certificate

A free SSL certificate is offered with the Cloudways hosting plan and you don’t have to install it from outside. It will save your lot of time and money because the SSL certificate installation is bit complicated and it also cost a dime. So to help you make your blog secure, an SSL certificate is offered for boosting the SEO ranking.

2. Effortless Site Migration

If you are going to migrate your website to Cloudways then you don’t have to pay any kind of fee for the migration process. Cloudways takes care of the migration process and it is offered completely free of cost. The migration team will start migrating your blog as soon as they will get the request. So you don’t have to make any efforts for migrating your website to Cloudways.

3. Easy WordPress Installation

Cloudways is the best web hosting that supports all kind of website platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Woo-commerce, Shopify and many more platforms. All these platforms are supported by the Cloudways hosting.

Cloudways gives an easy WordPress installation button from which you can install the WordPress on your blog and start uploading the contents. So this makes easy for you to start the blogging journey.

4. Breeze Cache Plugin

A popular Cache plugin for WordPress called Breeze is offered pre-installed with the hosting. So you don’t have to pay huge money on premium WordPress plugins. You can easily make use of this cache plugin to boost your blog performance.


  • Robust servers and services
  • Speedy servers
  • CloudwaysCDN
  • Free SSL
  • Free site migration
  • Free WordPress cache plugin
  • Affordable price
  • All country supported


  • Can be expensive for students, newbies
  • No free domain name

Why Cloud Hosting Is Important?

There is a lot of confusion in the industry about the benefits of cloud hosting. Some companies think it will mean they have to move all their business applications to the cloud, while others don’t realize that it is more than that. To really understand why it is important, you need to understand how the current cloud environment works and how cloud hosting is different from what it used to be.

The Cloud. It’s what’s in the cloud and it’s not available to you in a traditional sense. You are able to access your files and data on a server remotely and so the end user will be able to access your data at any time. Since the cloud is hosted in the cloud, this means the application in question is always connected to the cloud.

Remote access. This technology lets users access your data from any location that has internet access to the client’s website. Rather than having a computer in the client’s office with the data, it is accessed from a data center. The goal is to provide a service that will let customers access their data at home or from the office without any loss of privacy.

The Cloudways Hosting Solution. Many companies do not understand how cloud hosting is different from traditional hosting because cloud hosting is no different than an on-premise provider. This means that the end user is able to install the software that is needed to access the system.

Application platform. On a traditional hosting solution, the end user installs the application they want to use. The advantage to this is that you can continue to add additional applications as the need arises. But for many businesses, this is not feasible, as the need may change, and the end user may not know how to upgrade or replace the application.

Remote Access Management. This is used by the end user to manage their data access so they know where it is located at any given time. In a cloud-based solution, there is always a centralized control panel that lets the end user view and change their data remotely.

Remote Access Communication. This is another service that is provided to the end user in the form of a teleconference or video chat. This allows them to speak to a team of people and have them collaborate on an application.

Cloud hosting gives the end user two benefits: it makes your data accessible anywhere in the world and it simplifies the ability to update it. The cloud enables the customer to keep up to date with their data without the hassle of constantly updating and maintaining applications on-site. This makes the entire data management process much simpler for the end user.

The Cloud Security Stack. There are many different layers of security in place when it comes to using the cloud. From secure operating systems to password protection, there are many different security technologies that are standard in cloud solutions.

With virtualization, the application applications are kept isolated from the host operating system, but they are still running in the cloud environment. This helps prevent vulnerabilities in the application code because they are not running on the host machine, but rather on another machine that is completely isolated from the host.

Application. Because the cloud offers the end user the ability to use a variety of applications, this enables the customer to have the flexibility to use any existing application on the host machine.

Understanding why cloud hosting is important will help you get the most out of your investments in application hosting. For example, you can find a company that offers a range of services in terms of virtual dedicated servers.

Final Words On Cloudways Review

We have used Cloudways for our website for many years and we loved it. The results we go from Cloudways hosting is mind-blowing. You get extreme services that help the bloggers to manage their website very easily.

If you are a newbie or student and thinks the Cloudways hosting is a bit expensive for you then Cloudways frequently comes with great discount deals for those who cant afford it.

With the discount coupon code, the user will get the Cloudways hosting at a discounted price. So the user doesn’t have to cut their dream of hosting their website with a premium hosting.

However, if you still have some doubts about the Cloudways hosting then you can easily signup for the free trial. The free trial is offered to all those who want to try the Cloudways services before buying it.

So they can become 100% sure and they don’t regret it later after buying it. You can try and find out if it is best for your website or not.